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Easy Guide to Filing For A Family Law Complaint

Filing For A Family Law Complaint

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Those that wish to file a family law complaint may do so at their family court house. However, the nature of the complaint, as well as the timing, may require a different procedure.

In most case, family law complaints require the filing of paperwork at the courthouse. There may be specific forms which need to be filled out, as well as additional documentation required. In some case, family law complaints can be filed at the police station, depending on the nature of the complaint. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact family lawyers.

For example, family members that are requesting a temporary restraining order may go directly to the police station to do so. The police officers will help to fill out any required paperwork and file that paperwork. The judge will then be called to approve the T.R.O. In many other cases, individuals must simply file their family law complaint at the courthouse and await instructions on the next step in the process.

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